About Me

I'm an amateur comic artist, hoping to one day actually publish my work. For now, im happy just being abel to make comics, create characters and stories and have people read them-it makes me even happier knowing other people like my comics as much as i do!

Monday, June 13/11

How ya doin'? Just managed to get this up and running again! It took forever, but it's functional, and pretty cool looking!

If you already know who i am, then im surprised, im not the most famous person ever, but i guess you may have heard of Blaq Majiik, or my usual internet name of "Thorn-Zenithar". Feel free to drop me a line! ;D

If you have no idea who i am, then welcome aboard! this is really a blog section i guess, i'll try to post up any updates for comics, as well as random artwork, links, and possible reviews......maaaaybe. My Artblog is the best place to go for REALY and frequent updates-on a bit of a stand still due to family issues and exams, but it'll come back soon!

If you actually wanna know about me-read the about page!